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Circle Art!

As I am trying to grow and figure out my classes, I reached out and had a friend offer to host a Mixed Toddler/Preschool Art Session at her home for some friends! They had a mix of toddlers and preschoolers and it was the perfect blend for me to jump back into that age group!!

We had so much fun learning, exploring, and creating with circles. Our first Art Station was painting with circles. We used pool noodles, bottle caps, wine corks, and toilet paper rolls to create with circles!

And as to be expected, those cuties discovered more ways to explore! They learned that when they mixed colors they made new colors, and that they could make circles with their fingerprints and that became how much paint can I put on my hands and squish around and before we knew it, we had created a totally different sensory experience. This! This people is why this process art thing is so important for little kids! It gives them complete control over how and what they want to create and I can tell you that being an adult getting to experience and engage with them in that is an amazing thing!! I mean look at these little toes in the paint!!

Next Up, I had some droppers for the older kids to work on their hand strength, tripod grip, and motor skills. We made circles by dripping watercolor paint onto paper towels and again talked about color mixing!! This was definitely a favorite today but I was so busy helping with this tricky skill that I didn't get any action shots. But how pretty is that tie dye effect!!??!!

I also had our collage station set up and the kids worked on the take home project. They practiced glue stick skills and created collages with the circles of all different sizes. I love how different they each approached this project, it was fun to see!

After our stations it was clean up time! We finished up with a coloring activity where they got to explore using paint sticks and colored circles and had sensory play with straws and pom poms (circles!). They threaded straws onto pipe cleaners and scooped and poured too!

We had such a fun morning. It ended up being the perfect way to spend a rainy day. Then they had pizza delivered and got to spend some more time together as a group playing and enjoying some adult conversation too! This is the dream! I am so happy to be able to give moms ways to give their children enriching experiences but also opportunities to build community for themselves! Thank you to these mamas for trusting me and helping me kickstart Creative Play Studio! Here is to many more days like this!

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