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The Big Kid Creative Play Program is geared towards your elementary aged children and classes are typically 1.5 hours. At this age, we provide ongoing classes that focus on art education, art history, learning the elements of art, and more.  Children spend time each class doing some process art creating, engage in art education, and create projects based on the techniques and processes we learned.  We also provide fun 1-day workshops that are typically 1.5 - 2 hours long and are more fun and free creation based.  Whether it's a class or a workshop, we want your children to be able to explore and create without the fear and stress of a picture perfect final product.  We keep our classes light and fun and remind kids that they can't mess up in art!  Our program is not like many and we can't wait for you to see that for yourself!

Summer Camps are LIVE and registration is open!!


- Parent participation is not required

- I come to you and bring all supplies, tables, drop cloths, and cleaning supplies

- Click below to request a class



1.5 Hour Workshop: $40.00

3 Week 1.5 Hour Class Session: $100.00 


- Drop Off Program

- Held at my Outdoor Art Space in New Hudson

- Registration LIVE for multiple programs!!



Varies based on available classes and workshops.

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