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Black & White

Let's be honest, black and white typically don't get the spotlight when we do color study with little kids. But I am here to tell you that October is the PERFECT time to do a black and white study!! We had the most fun this week learning about black and white and giving it a spooky little twist.

First up I saw this idea on The Pinterested Parent and I knew it was perfect for my little creators this week. We made abstract ghosts and cats and they came out so perfect! I told each child to just paint their paper (we did ghosts first and let them dry then did cats next) but I didn't tell them what we were doing with it. Some painted the whole page, some just did a couple swipes of paint, but each were perfect for each child. Once they dried I told them what we were making them into and gave them all the pieces they needed to create each artwork. So adorable right?

Next up we did a pretty standard Halloween process art activity which is marble painting spider webs. I cut out black cardstock to a web shape, taped it inside a foil pan, squirted on some paint and threw in two marbles. We had some very crazy pan tossing to get those marbles moving and some calm. For those that like to really get into it, I like to do some hand over hand with them to help control their movements and protect the space we are in from being covered in paint from marbles. After the web was done, we glued on the spider that I cut off of a spider ring.

Our next station was Mixed Media Collages which is one of my favorite projects for little creators. This week we used paint, white glitter, paper circles, and tissue paper squares.

Our last station this week was playdough spiders. Black playdough, Halloween straws, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes is all you need for this fun sensory creating!

This was a super fun week with Creative Play Studio! I'm so grateful I get to call this work!


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